We have been with Porters since 1994 and have found them to be very good. It is also fair to acknowledge that Porters has certainly played a part in our success. I wouldn’t say that Porters are the cheapest but it’s about value for money. I make 2 particular comments.

1. They are very thorough. I feel that if we were to be audited by the ATO, apart from the inconvenience, I would feel very comfortable that we would come through clean.

2. Based on comments of what other businesses are paying, I think we are getting a very fair deal. I believe that the larger the firm, the less value you are getting (with accountants).

Porters’ knowledge pertaining to property transactions, legal matters in general, appropriate company and entity setups, etc is exceptional. They have no problem challenging other professions when they see issues involving their clients. I think it would be well worthwhile talking to Porters. I have no doubt they do every bit as good a job as any other firm and at fair money. And they are very accessible.
You can be bluntly open. That’s the way they like it. Nothing lost if you present details of your books to Porters. They will give you an idea of costs and may even fix the cost for the first year – just ask. They won’t charge you anything to have an open discussion, even if you didn’t change over.

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