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As a doctor and medical professional you are often too busy to think about finance and tax. You need someone to make that side of business as easy as possible for you because you are already busy enough looking after others.

Your commitment of study and hard work to become a doctor should result in prosperity. You want to make the most of your tax deductions.

How can you get your best financial and business outcomes from your strong skill set, without having to deal with the ins and outs of financial management?

You want to grow your practice or simply manage your income and minimise your tax. You may be looking to reduce debt, support your family and establish an appropriate financial plan that looks at superannuation, income protection, life insurance and debt management.

That sounds like a lot, which is why we set out a clear plan, goals, and strategy for reaching your potential.

How do we do this? TOGETHER

We work with many medical professionals and specialists. We can help you define a clear path sharing our knowledge of successful business strategies for doctors and health professionals. We start by looking at the following key factors relevant to your situation;


  • Where are you trying to get to in your medical and professional career?
  • What are your personal and business goals over the short and long term?
  • How do you see your financial future?


  • Where are you now? A General Practitioner just starting out, an established medical practice, a specialist, surgeon or an allied health service?
  • What would take your financial life from hard work to low stress?
  • You want to pay less tax and have more time, more money and more control over your future.
  • As a doctor time is precious what do you need to free up your busy schedule?


  • What stands in your way?
  • What obstacles are preventing you moving forward?
  • How we can help you clear the path?


  • How fast do you want to go?
    • fast – We support a number of medical practices with full service bookkeeping, tax and financial needs. The aim is to free you and your team to focus entirely on your business.
    • medium – You have a team of staff at your practice, we can do most things accounting and train your team to do the rest. We work together in a collaborative and streamlined manner for the best outcomes.
    • You have plenty of free time and want to keep costs down – you want to do most of the financial recording yourself. We can discuss how this works to ensure your records and bookkeeping meet the required standards and meld with our Accounting work standards and requirements.


  • What is the best solution for you?
  • based on where you want to go and the challenges you may face, we help you define the best way forward with advice specific to your needs.
  • Our goal is to help free up your time to deliver more services to your patients, spend more time with family or simply to enjoy life.

How this becomes reality

Time is precious – we’re experts at bookkeeping and tax and you are expert at medicine.

Our systems and services are cloud based which gives you added flexibility and simplicity with your accounting needs. We work with you to help you use better accounting systems best suited to doctors and medical services. These systems help streamline your financials, saving you time and money.

Your financials in real time

With your books up to date, your BAS taken care of and your financials integrated into our system on the cloud, we can provide answers and advice in real time. You will be in the best position to embrace opportunities and reach your potential.


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