More Than Tax Accountants

Simon Terry, LLB BCom CA

Managing Director
If he’s not working, he’s running, cycling, reading and enjoying life. Out of the office you’ll find Simon relaxed and barefoot but always with his laptop close at hand.

Jodi Bradley, Bcom CA

Client Manager
Our longest serving team member Jodi has been with Porters for 17 years. Outside of work Jodi is a regular equestrian camp-drafting trophy winner. She plays a mean game of netball and coaches junior teams.

Tor Rasmussen, BCom CA

Client Manager
Our coffee machine tells us it has made 25,000+ coffees. After 15 years at Porters, we estimate the lion’s share have been consumed by our coffee connoisseur, Tor.

Paula Au, BCom CA

Client Manager
While small in size, Paula has a big personality! She is very direct and we love her candour. Paula can juggle a busy work schedule and hectic family life without skipping a beat.

Tai McHarg, BCom CPA

Client Manager
A left-handed video-gamer, Tai has been with Porters CA 11 years. Outside of the office, he enjoys going for walks, swimming and watching movies with friends. 

Kim Wadsworth, BCom

Kim lives on a pig and cattle farm in Mount Barker, indulging her passion for animals and gardening on a large scale. This is juxtaposed by her passion for computer technology, cloud accounting.

Natalie Whitaker, BCom CA

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…Fuelled by her love of chocolate, our resident cardio boxing legend Natalie knows how to nail a tax punch!

Leigh Hiscock, BCom

In her spare time, you’ll find Leigh relaxing in her garden, reflecting during yoga and using her creative skills while scrap-booking.

Eileen Hu, BCom CPA

Don’t let appearances fool you! Our most petite staff member Eileen, loves body attack classes at the gym!

Winny Young, BCOM

Winny is extremely superstitious. We're inclined to think this is exacerbated by her love of horror films and facts. She doesn't like camping but would rather be crunching numbers indoors with a bucket of KFC.

Karishma Mehta

Karishma says there is nothing better than heading out on safari. She has lived in Australia most of her life but loves to head back to her birthplace of Kenya to consort with the cheetahs, elephants and rhinos. Karishma enjoys a peaceful beach life here in Perth, where the odd shark is nothing compared with a stampeding elephant or a hungry cheetah looking for prey.

Ting Lam, BCom, ASA

Our office Xero guru, Ting takes great satisfaction from assisting clients to set up and use Xero cloud accounting.

Tammy Porter

Client Liaison Manager
Terrified of the dark and ghosts, Tammy enjoys working from a brightly lit office. Tammy is efficient and meticulous but don’t let her quiet demeanour fool you.

Louise Ramage

A ray of sunshine is how you would describe our Receptionist, Louise. She never fails to bring a smile to a client’s face.

Gilbert Porter

Admin Support
Gilbert has given himself the title of Manager-in-waiting. (He'll be waiting quite some time!) Gilbert brings young energy to our team. He is 18, just discovering a social life and his need to work to support said social life.

Jill Porter, BCommun

Marketing and Social media
Jill can’t stand clutter, closed blinds or a messy office. If our belongings are not tied down they are likely to be off to charity before we can stake our claim. She has no desire to crunch the numbers but makes up for it with words.

Mike Doyle

Vertex Finance - Director
Mike is a Dockers supporter through and through. Lucky many of us share his passion. He is an avid swimmer, loves his digging-est dog and never says no to cake at our regular morning teas.

Jason Featherby

Director, Knight Financial Advisors
Jason loves footy, fishing and fun. He has a dynamic personality, a booming voice and shares an enthusiasm that is contagious. Jason is listed in the top 50 most influential Australian Financial Advisors recognised by the Financial Standard.
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