1. A cohesive approach to your finance and business management

Our aim is to provide you with an integrated approach to managing all your business and financial affairs. We have strong relationships with industry leaders to ensure you get the best advice.  Our joint venture partnerships give you access to financial planning, insurances, finance and debt management and Self-Managed Super Funds. We can also connect you to industry experts in all areas of law.

2. Hear what you need to know

We are candid in all communication with our clients so that you are never left guessing what we really think. It will not always be what you want to hear but it will always be with your best interests at heart. We provide an objective view of the performance of your business. We seek to reinforce positive aspects of your business and balance this with making sure you are aware of times where you might be headed down the wrong path.

3. When it comes to tax, our first consideration is that you will pass any ATO audit

We will help you execute a tax plan that allows you to minimise your taxes within the limit of the law. Every tax return that we lodge has been appropriately reviewed and is considered ready to face ATO scrutiny should this arise. This includes personal income tax, company tax, FBT, payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty. We use our extensive knowledge both of the taxation law as well as the way that the ATO applies the law to produce statistical “normality” which means less likelihood of exposure to ATO audit processes.

4. Knowledge and experience

We have a wealth of business knowledge and experience in

  • business management
  • property ownership and development
  • property syndicates
  • business syndicates
  • self-managed superannuation
  • share market investment and trading
  • options trading
  • co-operatives
  • company share register management
  • business turnarounds
  • dispute resolution
  • marital and family breakdown
  • insolvency

5. Your work completed on time, every time

Our work load is managed using job process software that we have developed in-house. It is our priority to meet ATO on time lodgement targets every year. Keeping up to date with your compliance responsibilities is a crucial part of keeping up to date with vital information about your financial affairs. And up to date information is what good decision making is all about.

6. Calls returned and emails answered

We take your business as seriously as you do. It sounds simple but one of our points of difference is – We return phone calls and answer emails. You will have the Director’s mobile phone number and we encourage you to call whenever you feel the need.

7. Easy access and free parking

We have offices in South Perth and Albany. For your convenience, both locations we have free roadside parking as well as a free visitors parking area. Our Perth office is conveniently located within one minute of the Mill Point Road Freeway exit/entrance on the peninsula in South Perth.

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