The Valley of Despair – a travel guide

Fairy tale touring notes from an accountant? Stick with us, it could be fun and you could be the Hero in this tale…

We love to guide clients from financial anxiety and a mess of paperwork to a better place with systems, process and control to free up time and achieve their goals.

Valley Of Despair A Travel Guide
Valley Of Despair A Travel Guide

You only visit The Valley of Despair on your way to a better place.
This could be for your business, a project, a better way of managing your books.

Simon’s travel notes through the Valley of Despair:
1. something is holding you back … you have headaches, effort and heartache with slow progress.
2. you identify a bright new future … but will it work?
3. it looks great … excitement ensues (stop and enjoy the view, because the next stop is kind of ugly).
4. reality strikes, a few hiccups, change isn’t as much fun as we thought it would be … should we quit?
5. “no, stop, I don’t like it, we should never have done this” … who can I blame? Seriously, who said this was a good idea?

Yes, we are now in The Valley of Despair. It is inevitable. It always happens and you can’t tour around it. You can quit and stay miserable, or listen to your guide:

6. take a deep breath, remember the goal, regroup and try again. Don’t take it out on your accountant (we warned you this was coming!).
7. things start to work, maybe this isn’t going to be a disaster?
8. actually, this is good. Really good actually! Wasn’t that funny that I wanted to quit and blame someone only a short time ago?

New and improved systems such as a Xero cloud accounting file, transferring your bookkeeping to our support to free up your time after hours and on weekends, implementing a better accounts payable system and more. Every project starts with trepidation, then excitement, then despair and the Hero (remember that you are the Hero?) always succeeds in the end.

And we guarantee it. When we set up a new Xero file – if a client is not happy after 12 months, we have a meeting and if we can’t resolve the issues we will refund the setup fee.

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