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Where did my refund go?? The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset has ended

Taxpayers earning up to $126,000 will get smaller tax refunds or tax payable in 2023. The low and middle income tax offset (LMITO) ended in the 2022 tax year. The LMITO, introduced in 2018-19, provided tax relief to help balance the tax creep which forces workers into higher tax brackets. The temporary tax cut was designed to support those earning up to $126,000. The greatest benefit of $1500 went to…  Read more

Good financial advice – an investment for your future

Retirement is a significant milestone that brings with it the need for careful planning and financial security. A well-planned retirement ensures that you can maintain your desired lifestyle without worrying about running out of money. One of the key components of successful retirement planning is seeking good financial advice. Obtaining professional financial guidance can contribute to a secure and comfortable retirement. The Benefits of Good Financial Advice Tailored Retirement Planning…  Read more

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