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Discretionary Trusts – roles, trustees, responsibilities

In a discretionary trust structure, several key roles play distinct and important parts. Understanding the functions and interrelationships of the Appointor, Guardian, along with the Trustee, Directors and Shareholders (or the alternative of an individual trustee) is crucial. Let’s break down each role: Appointor Primary Function: The Appointor is the most powerful figure in a discretionary trust. Their key role is to appoint or remove trustees. Control: Through the power…  Read more

What are franking credits? How do franking credits help you?

We regularly try to explain to clients the concept of a franked dividend – what are they, why do they matter, what does it mean for your tax and how can they work to your benefit. Some understand franking credits, some nod wisely but still feel confused, and some dream about doing something else, anything else apart from tax. We get that the concept is a challenge, so we’ll try…  Read more

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